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My Family:

I was born in 1949 and come from a family of 5 being the only boy with 4 sisters all older than me.
My wife Fae born in 1945 is from a family of 5 boys and 2 girls.
Fae and I met in February 1971 and became engaged after 2 days, married 9 months later on October 30th and had lived in Stratford for most of our married life.
We have 3 daughters of our own and 4 adopted sons who have all left home now except for our oldest daughter Susan.
At the end of November 2000 we shifted from Stratford and are now residing in Glenfield, North Shore City, Auckland.


I have held a Grade 1 Amateur Radio licence since 1970 (ZL2AQY) and spend most of my time on Packet radio and other digital modes.
I run a Packet node with connections to the internet (ZL2AQY-1) and a DxCluster (ZL2AQY-10) with Links to other DxClusters.
I am also very interested in computers and have spent a lot of time on them at home since the early 1980's.
My other interest is in satellite tv and for this I have 3m and a 90cm dish and verious receivers which allows me to watch Tv from about 16 satellites.

Fae's interests lie in Cake Decorating and Scrabble she plays in scrabble tournaments in New Zealand and on the internet. Our family holidays with our children were spend in Norfolk Island at the Scrabble Festival each year.


I am a Registered Electrician and have been a Maintenance Electrician for 7 years in the Dairy Industry and 8 years in the petrochemical industry. But for the last 6 years before shifting to Glenfield I was working as an Alarms Technician on fire alarms.
In November 2000 I began work as a Maintenance Electrician in an Auckland Bakery.

Fae is now caring for Porse children (caring for and training preschool children with early learning) while their parents are at work.

Our eldest daughter Susan worked for 4 Years at Blue star Camps in North Carolina as a Video instructor and in the health centre during the American summer each year.
After her final trip to Blue star Camps she went on a working holiday in England for 2 years. Susan has now returned to New Zealand and has worked here in Auckland at Conferenz organising conferences throughout New Zealand as the Acting Operations and Services Director, then as the Operations Manager for PowerPlate in New Zealand and now she is a Sales and Marketing Consultant with Harcourts.

Kathryn is married Lindsay Clements
Lindsay Plays in the Navy Band and they live in Bayswater, on the North Shore.
They have two sons Jacob and Corban and a daughter Kaitlyn.

Jennifer is married to Dylan Stewart an External accounts Manager for Corporate Express..
They now live in Beachhaven and have two daughters named Sophia and Gabriella.

Our son Timothy is married to Kelly, they have two daughters Ashlee and Jayde, He is managing a dairy farm and is living near Palmerston North.

David our second son left home shortly after Geoff and our youngest son Peter lives in Wellington and is training in Butchery.

Our eldest son Geoffrey is in Sydney and is a landscape architect.